Amazing Pork Tenderloin {Recipe of the Week}

This week a friend on twitter shared a recipe for pork tenderloin made in the slow cooker. I am a huge fan of my slow cooker. HUGE. It makes our busy weeknights easier to manage. This recipe was just like the title suggests… AH-MAZING! Highly recommend. Lil’ A ate every bite and K gushed at how delish it was.

photo (48)


The pork was tender and full of flavor. Serve with mashed potatoes and veggies for a complete meal.

When inspiration strikes

It’s difficult to predict where inspiration will invade. And honestly, I’ve always believed it is less about the source and more about being receptive to the influence. This week I have found inspiration in two, rather traditional, places.

While browsing the new bookshelves at my neighborhood library, I picked up the book Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik. Beautiful, full color photos with clear directions for turning your house into a home. The projects are often inexpensive and easy yet look finished and chic. Truth be told, this book looks like my DIY board on Pinterest but there is always something better about having a book to reference (that is probably just my inner librarian trying to break out of this new mold I have stuffed her in). There are several projects I am itching to try!

But first…

I need to get organized! Last year we donated an incredible amount of clothing, furniture, and other household miscellany. It was liberating and at the time it felt massive. Six months later it feels like more could be done. Scratch that… MORE CAN BE DONE! As I begin the second year of trying out this stay-at-home-mom thing, I feel crushed by my home and all the stuff in it. It is also time to take a look at what my future might be and let go of the things I think need to be kept for that uncertainty? eventuality?


While cruising Pinterest this morning I happened upon a blog with 31 days worth of posts to help get organized. It is probably the most practical organizing blog I have come across (and trust me I’ve read a bunch of ’em). The suggestions are not only practical but cost efficient and look great, not cheap which is exactly the direction I am hoping to head. A few of the posts helped me to rethink my hoarding tendencies and what I’m teaching lil’ A about the accumulation of stuff.

With this guide I feel confident I can begin to make our home more of a useful, comfortable place and then feel ready to tackle to room by room decorating that I’ve been dreaming about.

How we are keeping warm this winter

Mother Nature has been a bit crazy this last year. The drastic weather changes go far beyond the old joke… “Welcome to Ohio! If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes.” Last week it snowed like crazy. This week it has been 60 degrees and rainy… in JANUARY!

After three days of Spring like weather, the temperature has dropped again and we need to bundle up. This winter my go to winter wear has been a knitted cowl made by my super crafty and stylish friend, Jac.

photo (47)Not only is my cowl warm and cozy, it is very stylish and unique. Even Lil’ A has one!

photo 1She loves her pink and white cowl (I even have a matching one). For her, it is much easier than dealing with a scarf and keeps her toasty on the school bus.

Check out the Nora & Jac store for your own warm and wonderful cowl!