Breaking Dawn…

I am far from being a “Twihard” but I have no problem admitting that I have read the series and seen all the movies to date. Like most wildly popular books, I tend not to read them until much of the hype has died down. The primary reason being I won’t have to offer them up during a Reader’s Advisory transaction with a patron. No one needs me to suggest James Patterson so I have never read any of his work (plus I’m a snob).

After much urging by colleagues, I finally read the series in its entirety. Twilight was by far the best in the series. Meyer captured the thrilling sense of teenage longing and sexual desire without making it feel tawdry or overdone. However, as the series continued all I wanted to do was smack the shit out of Bella. She was the least interesting character and her reliance on the men in her life infuriated me. Since they were quick reads, I plowed through them mostly out of curiosity.  Did she become a vampire or not?

Enter the film adaptations. They have been awful – from the acting to the effects. The most rewarding aspect…

I admit the gratuitous images of the New Moon wolf pack make me smile. I won’t lie! And the scene when Jacob transforms into a wolf to protect Bella was quite exciting. All in all, I haven’t been impressed. I’ve read the books and watched the movies more for relate-ability with my teen patrons than any real interest of my own.

Breaking Dawn, Part 1 lives up to the hype the series has enjoyed. Visually stunning, it was decently acted (all things relative) and Bella was finally less of a brainless twit who simply followed Edward around. There may be hope for Kristen Stewart yet. I was concerned with how part 1 would end but it was brilliant and startling and all the things you want from a trashy thriller.

Four books and four movies later… someone finally got it right.


One thought on “Breaking Dawn…

  1. I think Bill Condon had a lot to do with it. He’s made a few really good flicks in the 00s. Good director usually means decent movie at the very least.

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