Photo Challenge: Something Old

Day Eleven: Something Old

My paternal grandfather traveled a great deal for work. His travels often took him to Brazil where he purchased this beautiful opal ring for my grandmother. When she passed in the early 80s, my grandfather insisted the ring go to my mother over any of his 3 daughters. Mom has the itty bittiest of fingers and it never fit her. When I married @Warehouse_Guy in 2011, my mother presented this ring to me as my something borrowed (my something old was my maternal great grandmother’s handkerchief, something new was the earrings my parents gave me for our engagement, and something blue was the sapphire in my engagement ring… and of course there was a sixpence in my shoe) but in the end she gifted it to me.

I have treasured this ring for the last 10 years. I have spotty memories of my grandmother as I was 6 years old when she died of cancer. I hope to present this ring to my daughter on her wedding day to help fill in the dots of an old tradition.

Join me on my 30 Day Photo Challenge.


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