Anatomy of a Tweet…

Recently there has been some confusion over whether certain tweets of mine were a passive aggressive comment about one person or another. Let me break it down for you all…

75% of my tweets are about the bullshit going on around me in my real life. It’s a running commentary of the things I see and the people I experience.

15% of my tweets are either about @Warehouse_Guy or @PapiHelman or both. Anytime I bitch about either my husband or my best good friend, it is in jest. I would never air my true hatred for them on twitter. Isn’t that what a blog is for?

5% of my tweets are retweets, #NP, blog promotion, funny shit I saw somewhere else, etc, etc.

The remaining 5% of my tweets is were everything else falls.

If I am going to tweet about you, you will know it. I am not that kind of girl. If you want to go toe to toe with me, bring your motherfucking A game because I do not deal in useless, bullshit drama. If you read something and have to ask if it is about you, then it isn’t. Plain and simple.

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships” ~ Henry Winkler


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