Fashion or Style?

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” ~ Coco Chanel

As I continue to build my wardrobe, I try to keep this thought in mind. I really have never been one to follow trends but lately I’m finding I am buying into a fashion trends. It is my desire to be considered someone with style ~ a classic style that is always in fashion. Most wouldn’t believe to hear that just a few years ago all I wore were turtleneck sweaters, jeans, and ballet flats or sneakers. The older I get the more I seem to care, the more effort I put toward the face I give the world.

Yesterday I was talking with some coworkers about the show Fashion Hunters on Bravo. On one episode a prison orange, parachute jump suit was brought into the consignment shop and the staff went nuts. I tipped my head and squished my face. While I recognize that fashion among wealthy New Yorkers and middle class Midwesterners is very different, I just couldn’t understand owning such an outrageous piece. It is incredibly dated (the current Donna Karan line for Neiman Marcus excluded. This collection seems to have much more of a tailored sophistication then past parachute collections.) and out of fashion quickly. While I am trying to take more of a “fearless fashion” approach, I am still a classic girl at heart.

I have spent so many years out of touch and out of style that I am trying desperately to harness too much at one time. My challenge to myself is to slow down and take the wise words of the impecible Miss Coco Chanel to heart.


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