A dream is a wish your heart makes…

Last year for my birthday, I asked for a walk-in closet. Then for Mother’s Day I asked for a walk-in closet. For our 10th in August, I asked for a walk-in closet. I even asked Santa for a walk-in closet for Christmas. Needless to say 2011 passed without me getting a walk-in closet for any of the above mentioned gift giving occasions.

We have a large master bedroom with side-by-side bi-fold door closets. I’m sure this was plenty space for the original owners in 1977 and even for the fashion challenged prior owners. This is not satisfactory for me. There is plenty of room for a generous sized walk-in to be built. While I know I will never have something as luxurious as pictured above, there is space DAMMIT!

My shoes are spilling out. My clothing is so jammed in I can’t get anything else on the rod and when I do pull an item out it is wrinkled. I don’t think @Warehouse_Guy would argue the need or the fact that we have space but he has resisted this request of mine. I’m not ready to concede but it’s time I work out an alternative plan.

While trolling Pinterest this evening, inspiration struck. I will be raiding the basement of stored furniture and taking over possession the closet in the playroom. This is not ideal but in the meantime, it will have to do. So my Tuesday project… Operation Make Shit Fit… will hopefully keep me distracted enough to not think about all the other bullshit going on around me.

Photos to come…

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