Why is it furry?

So today begins my first real day as a “Stay-At-Home-Mom.” Just typing that scares the shit out of me. Never did I imagine I would be in this position but here I am. This is how this day began for me…

Lil’ A had a bit of an accident last night, so @Warehouse_Guy threw her in the shower with him. He got out and I got in… that kid loves to be in water. She has bathed or showered with us since she was a baby and really never commented on body parts. He stopped bathing with her when she became interested in washing his manly bits. By no means are we modest people. A positive body image is something that is challenging to foster in children, especially girls. We have tried not to make anything seem dirty or taboo. Hopefully this doesn’t backfire!

She pointed at me and asked, “What’s that?”

“My vagina,” I replied.

“Why is it furry?”

At this question, @Warehouse_Guy, who was still in the bathroom, said, “Oh this one is all you!” Thanks asshole.

“It happens when you grow up. Someday you will have hair there too.”

Her reply? “Yuck”

Guess mommy needs to maintain the garden.


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