What I learned from Tinker Bell…

It is not a secret that I have been feeling a bit down in the mouth lately. I’ve been questioning myself and my abilities more than ever before. This is incredibly unusually for me. Confidence has not ever been an issue for this Capricorn.

Today has been spent napping, cuddling, and watching movies with my girl. I wanted to watch Despicable Me, she chose Tinker Bell. If I had a nickel for every time we have watched this movie… but sometimes the message you need to hear comes from the most unlikely of places.

Be proud of your talent.

I am talented and special. I will be ok if only I trust in myself and get the fuck out of bed (that’s the hard part). I know I will still have blue days but I can and will get through this challenging time. And if I forget, I know I can count on Tinker Bell to remind me.


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