The Curse of the Animal Label

I have one rule when it comes to wine…

Absolutely, under no circumstances will I ever again drink wine with an animal on the label. Period.

For some odd reason, each time I have had a glass or two of animal labeled wine I became horrible sick. I’m not kidding when I say that one glass of Yellow Tail gave me one of the worst hangovers. By no means am I a lightweight. I can hold my liquor (tequila shots on an empty stomach to the contrary). It comes honestly when your family lineage blossoms from Germany and Scotland.

So when you invite me to your next party, please for the love of all things glittery, no animal labeled wine!


7 thoughts on “The Curse of the Animal Label

  1. They have cupcake wine- wine with cupcake on the label! Because I’m betting the animal bits in those other wines are what makes you sick, getting cupcakes in your veins would be WAY better! :-0 On a side note, they now also make cookie dough vodka- I’m not an alcoholic, I’m friends with someone who owns a liqour store!

  2. No problem here. I used to get migraines so I’m very careful what I drink. No wine, no cheap beer. No vodka, no gin…I loved my martinis… No wheat beer…a half bottle of Fat Tire gave me a 6 hour headache. I know I’m safe with Guinness and Seagrams. I’m nervous about trying new stuff…with good reason. So when you come to my party, let me know what you drink so I can be a good host.

    • I have suffered from chronic migraines for about 15 years now and know exactly what you mean. I generally cannot drink white wines or the above mentioned animal label wines. I seem to do just fine with all other reds which is opposite of most people. All other liquor and beer are ok but since I have a wheat allergy I should be more careful.

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