The last gift of Christmas

For Christmas, Lil’ A asked for two gifts from anyone who posed the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” The answer was always: clothes for her American Girl dolls and the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll.

My brother purchased her the Holiday dresses for each of her three American Girl dolls – Kit, Josephina, and Addy – plus one of the newer pet sets. My mother made her an adorable cabinet for all their clothes, which I think is already too small.

Of course we purchased other gifts and Santa brought her a big girl bicycle but we were not able to secure that damn Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll… the one thing she absolutely had to have. I searched up until Christmas Eve, even calling all the stores in our area. I went into the motherfucking Wal-mart on Christmas Eve! The guilt of not finding this doll was overwhelming.

She did make a comment after all the gifts were open that it was not among them but I explained that we would continue to look and order online if necessary. Well, wouldn’t you know that damn doll continued to be out-of-stock for 2 weeks after Christmas. I was even hearing rumors that it had been discontinued.

Well, today we struck gold. While at Meijer for something completely unrelated, we wandered into the toy aisle and there sat one lonely little Silly Hair Doll. A is so excited and truthfully, so am I. 2011 can finally, without any question, be over.

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