Obsession thy name is Pinterest

Hi. My name is Beth and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

I’m not even going to try and lie. Pinterest has revolutionized how I plan, search for information, and organize my crafty thoughts. Until a few months ago, I was weighed down by stacks of print outs and three-ring binders full of ideas. This site provides me an online home for all the thoughts floating in my head. Now I can ditch the binders and post-it notes with scribbled down links for a far more organized method that makes my inner librarian soul smile.

Of course there are jokes out there that many people pin and pin without actually turning their pins into a reality (and criticism of the “slut shaming” pinning that runs rampant, i.e. get skinny rather than love yourself) and while I pin far more than I create, I can honestly say I’ve prepared recipes and made crafts from items I have pinned.

Earlier today I read a post over at Merrick’s Art where she blogged about her “unwritten rules” for pinning and it made me reflect on how I approach Pinterest. Many of our “rules” are similar – I never post items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry that would not be reasonable for me to purchase, wear, or make. Do I love to drool over a sexy pair of Christian Louboutin’s? Hell yes! Will I ever own a pair? Hell no! (unless we win the lottery or a secretly wealthy uncle dies leaving me his fortune) So there is no point in pin such things to my style boards. Why needlessly torture myself? I’m sure there are times I have pinned a dress or outfit that is out of my price range; however, my intent is to find either pieces in my wardrobe or at stores like Target to copy a high-end look. The same happens with home decor.

Now that I have far more free time in my life, I hope to begin creating more of the crafty pins from my boards. I have the vision and skill to do so just need to force the discipline. Maybe I need to put myself on more of a schedule… out of bed and showering before 11 am, huh? Until then I will continue to search for inspiration and I hope you join me!

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4 thoughts on “Obsession thy name is Pinterest

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