Not so nice or easy

Ok boys… this is a review on hair coloring product. You are excused.

About a year ago I started coloring my own hair. Prior to that I left it to the professionals. My hair is my biggest indulgence but in an effort to cut costs I thought I’d give home hair coloring a try. At first it was disastrous. Uneven color or it was too orange (I need purple based reds for my skin tone). After a while I got into a groove and have been happy with the results.

I typically only have to color my hair about even 6 weeks or so. It grows very slow and is incredibly healthy from the type of shampoo I use. In October, I gave the Nice ‘n Easy Foam a try. There was nothing nice or easy about this process. It was messy, far messier than traditional hair dye. The dye stained my skin which was difficult to avoid because the foam was not foamy and ran all over the place. And I hated the color.

The overall experience was a true disappointment and I wondered if this was typical of all foam hair coloring.

While discussing this bad dye job with a friend, she mentioned that she had read that L’Oreal coloring products are supposed to be the best for your hair. So for my next treatment I decided to use the L’Oreal Sublime Mousse in Spicy Auburn.

 Everything I wanted my Nice ‘n Easy experience to be, this was it! The foam is dispenses with ease from the provided pump and it is of a nice consistency in order to avoid excessive mess. Because of this I have been able to keep the dye off of my skin to avoid staining. On the rare occasion that I do get it on my skin it washes off easily and without leaving an unsightly stain behind. Most important… I love the color! It does not dull with excessive washing (I wash my hair daily) or dry out my hair. This week I used it for the second time with the same positive results.

Best yet… The question I get asked the most, “Is that your natural hair color?” is in part to this fantastic product.




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