For the love of Wu

I have been dreaming about the Jason Wu Collection for Target for 6 months. As excited as I was for the Missoni line, Jason Wu is more my style. I was only able to snag one Missoni piece – an oversized felted hat which looks tres chic with large sunglasses but not extremely practical for daily wear.

There was much that I liked about what Missoni created for Target; however, I felt the design lacked imagination. Each piece was nearly identical with the same zig zag pattern. It was just too much. I fell in love with a handful of items and was disappointed at how unavailable the collection was to most consumers. There is nothing I want so desperately that I will pay triple the original price on ebay.

Jason Wu’s collection has the flow and variety that a woman craves. It feels like an actual collection one would see on a runway with pieces ranging from casual to dressy work wear. His clothes are fresh, yet classy and make a woman feel feminine, stylish but not overdone. The line appeared in stores and online beginning Sunday and it is my own fault that I waited until Monday afternoon to get to a store. I counted 4 pieces left. This was my purchase…

It fits and is very well made but I’m not sure I am in love. The $39.99 price tag is beyond reasonable but I don’t know…

These are the items I love best and hope I can score from the Target website…

While I know the bag is sold out, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Uncle Sam giddyaps on that tax return before the dresses are gone too.

Which special designer collection has been your favorite so far: Missoni or Jason Wu?


6 thoughts on “For the love of Wu

  1. I’m not a huge missoni fan… never been a fan of the signature prints side of fashion. Perhaps in accessories, but not in everyday wear. I do enjoy Jason Wu… very girlie, which I love.

    I’ve never really gotten into the budget designer lines… I think it’s the fashion snob in me that thinks if I’m going to have something with their name I want it to be a BIG, expensive, luxurious something… #brokefashionsnob 🙂

    But that kitty bag – ADORABLE!

    • I really like the limited time special collections. Makes owning an affordable piece valuable but only if you love it. No point owning something you dislike just because of the label. With that said I’m not a fan of the regular budget designer lines… paging Vera Wang… My heart belongs to Calvin Klein and his 4 dresses hanging in my closet. Nothing fits me like his clothes. I adore know exactly how something is going to fit even before slipping it on. I own so few BIG, expensive, pieces that these special events at Target are thrill.

      And while I abhor the whole buying mass quantities and selling it on ebay, I might go looking for the kitty bag!

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