Lady in red

As you begin to read this, I am sitting down to my first job interview in over 3 years. Honestly, I ‘m not nervous or I should say I don’t feel nervous but I think my body has been trying to tell me otherwise the last few days, i.e. insomnia. Having been a hiring manager, I have always felt a job interview works both ways. You are interviewing me as a potential employee and I am interviewing you as a potential employer. I am not interested in working for just anyone. The interview should resemble what it would be like to actually work with someone.

This is a completely different type of job that I am interviewing for today than any position I have interviewed for over the last 6 years. Typically I would have done extensive research about the community and employer, created a detailed portfolio of my work, and visited the site. Most of which is not necessary this time around. I’ve read about the business and the owners, reviewed common interview questions, printed out additional copies of my resume, and chosen my wardrobe carefully.

One friend offered that I should dress very conservatively, one suggested layers, and a third simply stated, “Tone it down.” All is great advice.

I have decided on the dress I am pictured wearing in the photograph included with this post. This red and black Calvin Klein dress was the last one I purchased while I was still employed. It was a sort of Christmas gift to myself. I have also styled myself to match the photo and have a lightweight black, 3/4 length sleeve sweater just in case. Simple hair and make-up, toned down jewelry, and a wowza of a red dress.

The last three positions I have been offered I wore red to the interview. Red also happens to be my favorite color. It’s a powerful color that leaves a statement if done well and I am looking to stand out in a good way. While I have never been one to believe in luck, I’m not going to rock this boat.

Wish me luck!

Note: The photograph in this post was taken by the amazingly talented Amy Clark of Amy Clark Studios. If you are in Central Ohio, check her out!

10 thoughts on “Lady in red

  1. Good luck (though, again, I maintain that you don’t need it), and you look truly great in that picture!

    I’ve always taken the interview as a two-way-road — and if I end up with a person interviewing for a position, and they don’t have any questions . . . well, I feel about the same as I would going on an interview and it’s been obvious that the interviewer hadn’t seen my resume until minutes before the interview began.

    Good luck – let us know how it went.

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