You’re the top!

Warning boys… this is a review of nail polish. You can stop reading now.

Painting my finger nails takes time and I want the result to reflect the time and effort. I like to have my polish last 4 to 5 days. Some polish requires a top coat while others are thick enough (glitter polish) to get away without the extra layer.

Recently, I have fallen in love with Essie polish. The colors are fun and interesting and it goes on wonderfully (I also have a soft spot for Wet ‘n Wild. Cheap and it seems to last longer than most). I am mad about Essie’s matte top coat. Gives a completely different look to any color.

I am not; however, in love with Essie’s No Chips Ahead top coat. Fo some reason, once dry it seems to peel off right away and then chip. The dried polish, which should be hard to the touch, is soft and damages the color polish easily. So my 3 coats of polish (2 of color, 1 top coat) is a hot mess by the next morning. And once my polish begins to chip, it is really a challenge to not peel it off.

Most of the time I just skip the top coat but when it proves to be necessary, I have found that OPI’s Top Coat is the best. It dries relatively quick and hardens to keep the color from chipping. OPI seems to help extend the life of my color by a 2 or 3 days (although I get bored with my color before that and find myself changing). OPI has been introducing a variety of interesting lines lately and it was interesting to learn while at the salon on Monday that they release certain lines to retail stores and certain lines to salons only (i.e. Kardashian line in retail only, Nicki Minaj line in salons only). I can’t wait to try out Save Me from the Nicki Minaj line!

Currently I am rocking Essie’s Lilacism with a coating of Luxeffects Set in Stones. I have gotten more compliments today than on any other polish effect.

What color are you loving lately?


7 thoughts on “You’re the top!

  1. Ohhh, I love your nails!!! So cute! I just got new polish at Sally’s bc I was bored with my collection. I’ve never tried the Essie top coat – I really like the horse lacquer stuff. Works amazing!

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