Do it with style {Product review}

Since I had 5 inches chopped of my hair, I’ve traded in the curling iron for the flat iron. It’s been awhile since I used the flat iron with regularity. My long hair just begged for curls. The current style I am rockin’ doesn’t support curls and my naturally curly hair just looks goofy unless I put some work into making it not look like a frizzy mess. Since it is no secret that my hair is my indulgence, it should come as no surprise that it gets this level of attention.

Not working has cut our income in exactly half and the budget-nazi has put the kibosh on my pricey salon hair products. So what’s a girl to do when she needs styling spray and can’t buy the product she knows and loves? She crosses her fingers and picks one!

And I hit the jackpot on the first try! I am new to the TRESemme´product line but have been please by the quality and value. My current fave is the Styling Spray – Iron Style & Hold. Divide and pin hair in sections. Spray the Styling Spray and comb through. Run the flat iron through and presto!

This spray does not feel heavy on my hair or leave it feeling greasy which is a huge bonus. So many products just make my hair feel gross halfway through the day. This even allows my style to last into the next day. It is thrilling to be able to replicate the fantastic style my stylist created when she cut my hair.


4 thoughts on “Do it with style {Product review}

  1. I recently bought the tresemme heat spray {which is probably very similar to this} and I love it. It smells great and it feels like it really protects my hair from the curling iron and blow dryer! Have you tried the John Frieda serum?? It works WONDERS in my curly hair to get it smooth!

    • The only John Frieda product I’ve tried was the styling spray for heat activation – frizz-ezz (or whatever it’s called). It did nothing for my hair. In fact it was frizzier! I did buy the Tresemme serum the same day I purchased the styling spray and I like it too. Usually I use Moroccan Oil which I’ve had for about 2 yrs (and at $70 a bottle it better last another 2!) and absolutely love!

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