Polyvore and Pinterest

I have mixed feelings about the seemingly unbreakable bond between Polyvore and Pinterest. There is a lot I like about Polyvore as a any style maven would but those using it seem to miss the point. As I see it, Polyvore is there to create a look board and have all the links at one touch (just like Pinterest). Users are going bananas adding every possible accessory to an outfit that could possibly match or coordinate, making their created looks very unstylish. No one should wear that much stuff at one time.

Pinterest users are obsessed with pinning look boards created in Polyvore to their style boards. In general, I have no issue with this. You can find several such pins on my boards. Today I had to unfollow a board because it just became too much. She seemed to be pinning EVERYTHING under the sun. I’m all for an eclectic personal style but no one is that eclectic! I first started following this board because of the shoe pins but lately, I’m finding that this board serves no practical purpose and I have no interest in following.

I simply adore Pinterest. I have admitted openly that I am a pinning fool. However, I have personal standards to direct my usage in order to make it fun yet functional for me. I have “unfollowers guilt” but in the end it’s about my experience and not some sense of loyalty I’ve created in my head.


One thought on “Polyvore and Pinterest

  1. I have unfollowed so many people on pinterest lately because they just pin anything they see. I don’t see that as the point of it – but to each their own I suppose. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I’m not a huge polyvore fan – I’ve played around with it a couple times but haven’t loved it. I get bored with it. I like stylesays.com – very similar to pinterest but it’s solely fashion based. It’s a cool site but I tend to always go back to pinterest – I have a nice collection there 🙂 {clearly, I’m catching up on blogs right now ;)}

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