As gold as it gets

I am continuing to work my way through Essie’s Luxeffects line. This time with As gold as it gets.

I started with L’Oreal’s Breaking Curfew. It’s a deep brown, almost black. Very pretty. Sorry the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Adding As Gold As It Gets on top gives this color a richness and depth it didn’t quite have before. So far I have loved the 3 Luxeffect products I’ve tried. 2 more to go and I’m oddly excited!

Other Luxeffect products I’ve reviewed:
Set in Stones
Shine of the Times 

5 thoughts on “As gold as it gets

  1. very cute!

    i was actually kind of disappointed with Essie’s Luxeffects line! i waited and waited and when i went to go buy them i couldn’t believe it, it definitely wasn’t what i was expecting =(

    • I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed! I’ve been so happy with it thus far. I don’t, however, have high hopes for the one that makes the pearlized effect. Which ones did you try?

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