Get in shape girl!

Do you remember that “toy” from the 80’s that encouraged young girls to exercise? My cousin had it but then she was spoiled and had everything, even one of the first American Girl dolls. For some reason I can’t get the song or the images out of my head and because I am a giver, I’m gonna plant the image in your head too!

There really is a point to all this… I’ve been reading about my girls and their journeys to eat healthy and get in shape and I am feeling inspired. Nikki is the ultimate example of this! I wish I had an ounce of her motivation. She has worked her ass off, literally! Amy and Jac are making great choices and sharing their progress. So I need to get off my ass and start moving it!

Last year at this time I made a major lifestyle change that saw me cut wheat and sugar completely from my diet. I felt better than I had in years and lost almost 25 lbs. It was amazing. It lasted for about 6 months and then an amazingly traumatic event happened and I found myself struggling with everything. I drifted away from my diet plan and back to eating everything and not working out. It’s time to get my life back on track and stop wallowing in the bullshit of the last 6 months (I can’t even begin to detail everything that has happened to me in this timeframe but trust me when I say that it’s enough to have caused anyone to start drinking).

My plan is to slowly start cutting out wheat. I will try to keep my intake to one meal a day or less. Also, begin to eliminate soda which I really don’t drink much of contrary to my very vocal love of McD’s coke on twitter. So I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app to my iPhone and will track my daily 1200 calories.

This app seems user friendly which is good because this is not something I want to stress over on my journey to eating healthier. My focus needs to be on making good choices and feeling great. And just like my girls I plan to track my overall progress here to help increase accountability.

So cheer me on! Share your stories! Together we can “Get in shape girl!”


2 thoughts on “Get in shape girl!

  1. Awesome! You can so do it, girlie! {and we can be friends on the myfitnesspal thing!} It’s amazing how much better I feel already… and blogging about it is nice – it forces you to be completely honest about it!

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