I really love my… {dry shampoo}

One of my absolute favorite products is instant dry shampoo. I have zero idea what inspired me to purchase a can but I have been so glad I invested the $5!

I typically wash my hair daily but there are times when speed is critical. My hair really only tends to get oily right in the front which makes using the dry shampoo a huge timesaver. It is important to comb the product out completely. For me, I usually have to pin my bangs back because they simply do not want to cooperate on day 2 of a style but the rest my hair is style as usual. So far I have only tried the brand pictured in this post but I’m very interested to see how some of the pricier brands stack up. I picked up a travel size of the TRESemmé dry shampoo so I’ll have to do a review of the two.

What is one of your can’t-live-without products?


2 thoughts on “I really love my… {dry shampoo}

    • It sprays on like hairspray but has the consistency and color of very fine baby powder mist once on your hair. It dries up the oil from your hair giving it a fresh start.

      Something, my dear, you and your lack of hair does not need! 🙂

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