What I wore today… {Parent meeting & dinner} Part 2

My baby will be starting Kindergarten this fall. I can hardly stand it. It’s ok that I get all gooey, right? I only get one of these so I’m going to experience it all. Shit, I even signed up for the PTO! So what do you wear to hang out with the people that birthed the people your kid will spend the next 13 years with? Who knows but here’s what I wore:

Pink, white, brown floral tank
~ Meijer

Blue jacket
~ Talbots – thrift store find


Accessories: Bird necklace and earrings
~ Target

Brown leather heeled boots
~ Target

Tomorrow will be a wonderfully busy day. I will be reading to lil’ A’s class in the morning. Later my mother will be coming into town for tea at Mozart’s Cafe and then opening night of Sleeping Beauty at BalletMet. It will be so nice to spend time with just my mama and my girlie!

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