What I wore today… {Reading to A’s class & lunch out}

Today I was so excited to get a chance to read to lil’ A’s class. It’s been almost 3 months since I have done a storytime and it felt amazing to be infront of those sweet little faces. My mom is in town and she joined us just in time for the stories and then lunch out at one of our favorite Greek restaurants. Yum! Here’s what I wore…

Black & white polka-dot blouse
~ Thrift store find

Purple cardigan
~ Target

Denim skirt
~ Clothing swap

Wide stretch purple belt
~ NY&Co clearance $2.99!

~ Lia Sophia & Target

Black & white ballet flats
~ Modcloth

You’ve probably noticed by now that I will cardigan and belt damn near any outfit. I’m trying to be more bold but it’s a challenge for me to break away from my traditional style. I’m right this minute changing and getting ready for High Tea and opening night at the ballet so part 2 of What I wore will be out later!


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