Adventures in baking: Rainbow Cupcakes

I am epically bad at baking. EPICALLY! It is something that vexes me especially because I have this whole “perfect mommy baking cookies” thing in my head. So when I erroneously promised Lil’ A cupcakes for staying dry all night, I panicked – a little.

I can follow the directions on the box, right?

Then she asked to color the batter purple. WHAT?!? While I suck at baking, I know enough about coloring mixing to know that the once white cake that had turned yellow due to the egg yolks would never be turning an acceptable shade of purple. My quick brain did a mental recall of every pin I have ever made on Pinterest and suggested rainbow instead. Was I making a promise that I could make come true?

We divided the batter into 5 bowls (a sad attempt at purple which turned more maroon than purple is not shown) and added food coloring. So far so good. Each color was spooned into the cupcake papers into layers.


And then into the oven. I was beginning to feel pretty confident at this point which is usually a danger sign but there was no turning back. Once out of the oven, they cooled durning dinner which is usually where I mess things up again. I have a tendency to want to apply the icing too soon equaling a huge mess. This time it was Lil’ A I had to keep from handling them too soon. Her excitement was contagious. I was worried that the bottom layer didn’t bake all the way because it felt a bit squishy but onto the decorating!

We used ALL the sprinkles because… well… because why not! This was the prettiest tray of cupcakes EVER! But there is only one way to know if your baking is a success…




They turned out perfect! I am shocked and amazed and ridiculously proud of myself. This baking victory almost makes me want to tackle another yummy dessert. For now, I think I will savor this sweet success!


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