Pearlfection? Maybe not.

For our girl’s night at the ballet, I choose Essie’s Lady Like and topped it with Pure Pearlfection from the Luxeffects line. Of the 5, this is the one I was least looking forward to based on my in store test. Never one to jump to conclusions, I purchased it anyway to try it out at home.

Lady like is a very sweet and subtle shade that I felt would work well with a pearlized effect. I considered trying it with something bolder (and maybe I will another time) but my outfit of choice for the ballet was classic and subtle as well. I suppose the pearlfection is pretty enough but it simply does not have the luxurious feel as the first three I have tried.

My main issue is that the polish chipped the next day. You can probably tell by the photo that I had to touch it up just to snap a shot for this post. I’m damn near giddy to try A Cut Above soon. It’s been in the cabinet calling to me for weeks but I’m still trying to decide on just the perfect base coat. Stay tuned!

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