Those are stickers?

A couple days ago I finally tried the Sally Henson Salon Effects that have been hanging out in my cabinet. I was worried it would look all janky and bubbled up like poorly applied contact paper but I found this stickers incredibly easy to apply. It was quickly and I was super happy with the result.

Seriously cute! Of course I can’t possibly leave well enough alone and thought I would try out a technique I saw on Pinterest. I’ve done this before using just polish with varying results so I was curious to see what happened.

First I applied paper hole reinforcements to each nail. It is very important to cute each one so they lay on the nail better.

I applied them to all 10 nails so I didn’t have to worry about doing one hand completely and then the other. There isn’t any reason for you to not do it the other way. Just my preference and I know my impatient self would screw up the not-yet-dry polish trying to apply on the other hand.

Next was to apply the desired polish and hope it would adhere to the stickers. I used Black on Black by Sinful Colors.

2 coats were needed to best cover up the design. The polish seemed to dry more quickly than just on my nails. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Everything would have been fine but the tiny blonde human talked me into giving her quarters for one of those silly toy machines. It was the most impossible thing to open and completely ruined the tips of my manicure – all the way down to the sticker. So much for it lasting 2 weeks. At least now I can paint them green without guilt.

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