Adventures in melted chocolate: Cookie frogs

I have worked with melted chocolate on multiple occasions so I felt pretty confident approaching this project. Many Christmases ago I made Santas using Nutter Butter cookies dipped in white chocolate. Last year, I made this cuties for Lil’ A’s preschool class:


I dipped marshmallows in cherry flavor chocolate to create these Cat in the Hat pops to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Both projects were a lot of fun and I didn’t seem to have much difficulty with the chocolate. So onto green snack for St. Patrick’s Day!

In my search for ideas, I came across these guys:

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

How cute would they be dipped in green colored chocolate with candy eyeballs?

The chocolate melted beautifully with the consistency changing slightly when I added the color but it wasn’t an issue. Of course the longer the chocolate heated the thicker it became, I reached for the oil to thin it out. For some reason, I grabbed the canola oil rather than vegetable oil. I have no idea what I was thinking. Scratch that. I do know what I was thinking and it wasn’t melting chocolate. I had to basically frost the cookies with the chocolate rather than dip them. I got about 12 tops and bottoms done before I completely fucked up the chocolate.

After a quick trip to the store I was able to finish up my cookie frogs!

The are cooling in the fridge and I can’t wait for the kiddos to dig in!

UPDATE: The cookie frogs were a huge hit with the Preschool crowd. I even received a lovely thank you not from the teacher. Sweet success!


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