Don’t open that cabinet!

It is in my nature to organize things. I’ve always loved grouping things and it only made sense that I became a librarian.

We purchased our current home in October 2006 and three weeks after moving in I was pregnant with lil’ A. I was exhausted and morning (read: all day) sick and unpacking was done for only the bare minimum. Once she was born, nothing got accomplished! Now 5 & 1/2 years later we still do not really feel settled even though this is most likely our “pine box” house.

With all this extra free time, I am slowly beginning to make our home more livable. Please don’t confuse looking lived in with livable. This place definitely looks lived in. I swear we are a bad weekend away from being on Hoarders. By livable I mean that our home works for us and not against us anymore, that everything has a place and actually makes to its home. It also means recognizing that it’s not all the stuff that will define us.

I love the 40 bags in 40 days concept. Using that as an inspiration, I have been reorganizing, cleaning, and purging. Today I tackled the space under the upstairs bathroom sink and my drawer.



I am so embarrassed to share these photos but I really want to chronicle this journey. I have no idea how we found anything EVER! We just piled shit upon shit upon more shit. Can you say chronically disorganized? At Target this afternoon, a clearance item happened to catch my eye and inspiration struck!



I purchased 5 items to help make this transformation and spent less than $20. My inspiration piece is the 3 bottle wine holder inside the cube ($9). It was on clearance for less than $4 and I instantly thought it would make a great storage piece for curling and flat irons. The little tubs ($2.99 each) fit perfectly on the moveable shelf and contain hair ties in one and clips/bobbie pins in the other (before these were EVERYWHERE! they were supposed to be in an old watch box but clearly that wasn’t working). Once I was able to purge and organize under the sink I was able to clean and reorganize my drawer. For the first time in months my make-up case actually fits in the drawer!

I’m encouraged by this accomplishment and tomorrow will be moving on to the cabinet above the toilet that holds all my nail polish and supplies and the hall linen closet. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Don’t open that cabinet!

  1. I’ve been in my home since the summer of 2002 . . . the kid stuff is multiplying in our closets & stuff, and that means we’re just starting to go through the same journal of organization (though I hold neither talent nor desire to actually organize). I’m quite eager to read through to the end of this 🙂

    • The kid stuff has taken over! I did the cabinets in the kitchen a couple weeks ago and that has really streamlined the dinner making process.

      After I finish with the upstairs bathroom, I plan on dealing with my jewelry and closet. I did one overhaul about 2 months ago but it didn’t solve the problem.

      Slowly we are getting rid of the baby stuff. My brother is becoming a daddy this fall and he is getting it all! I’m beginning to see our basement again!

      Just glad I am taking advantage of this time off to deal with this overwhelming issue.

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