Jumping in puddles

It has been a week of sunshine and thunderstorms! The best part is the fun that can be had once the sun does come back out. Lil’ A had been itching to get to the park for days. And with the beautiful weather, who can blame her?

We are very fortunate to have an amazing park at the end of our secluded street. It was one of the main selling points of the house we choose. Sycamore Park has a play area, skate park, 3 soccer fields, 2 softball fields, a walking path, covered bridge, nature preserve area, a fishing pond, basketball and tennis courts, a small amphitheater for concerts in the summer, and a large white barn where movies are projected in the summer. Pretty awesome!

So Tuesday we pulled on our boots and headed out in search of the very best mud puddles.

We were in luck! Mud everywhere!

I love that my girlie girl is not afraid to get dirty or pick up worms. She is an adventurer but does it with style!

There is also a little creek that runs through the park and we headed over for some wading and observation.

Not surprisingly, the water was high and fast but there is enough of a ledge that we could stomp around. I think we had to walk the width of the creek at least 6 times. A had a blast and didn’t seem to mind her pink kitty boots filling with water. We stomped and splashed and threw rocks over the mini-waterfall. Several times we had to get out to dump her boots and giggle at how much water she had collected.

I just love these little stolen moments. We had one of the best afternoons. I am so very thankful I have this special time with her to make memories that will last a lifetime.

6 thoughts on “Jumping in puddles

  1. I simply LOVE this blog post! a) She is absolutely adorable b) I’m so proud that despite her girly ways, she loves mud and splashing …and finally… c) I love that you are getting to create these great memories with her.

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