Where Beth goes to Trendytown…

Let me start by saying that I swear I was talked into it by a tiny blonde human. With that out of the way, let me tell you what happened…

Last night we went to the PTO sponsored carnival at the elementary school Lil’ A will attend in the Fall. We purchased $10 worth of tickets, essentially a donation to the school, good for games and food and such. She had a blast playing plinko and ring toss which won her a bunch of candy. This is major booty to a 4 year old. There was even a ping pong toss that earned her 2 goldfish she quickly named Roxy and Starlight.

We then stood in line for over 20 minutes so she could get a balloon animal made by a creepy ass clown (I find all clowns creepy. Reminds me of John Wayne Gacy, which makes me think of serial killers and it is just downhill from there). He decided to stop before all the kids had received a balloon. Poor A was the 2nd from the front when this happened. His despicable behavior didn’t not help to endear me to the clown kind. As the meltdown started we needed to find a way to distract her.

A local salon owner was donating her time and talents to affix feathers in people’s hair. The last few times we have been at our salon, A has tried to talk me into letting her get a feather put in her hair. There is no way I’m paying all that money to have a feather put in a preschoolers hair. This station at the carnival was 4 tickets, the equivalent of a $1. So one purple feather for Miss A. Of course this meant Mommy needed one too. She wanted me to get purple as well but I choose red. If I’m gonna be all trendytown, I’m gonna do it with my favorite color not hers!

Fortunately, it is itty bitty and blends in with my reddish brown hair. I had to laugh because as I sat down in the chair the stylist complimented me on my John Frieda home hair color. This color must really suit me because I am either getting massive amounts of compliments or asked if my hair color is natural. +1 for me!

It should only stay in a few weeks or can be removed with pliers (!) before then if I want. So for now… Welcome to Trendytown!


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