Thinking outside of the box {store}

What do you get when you add bordem and apathy? Me in a Fashion Bug.

The morning started innocently enough. I dropped Lil’ A at school and headed to Joann’s for crafty inspiration. I purchased about $10 worth of items but still had 90 mintes before school ended. This strip mall is the land that fashion forgot. There is a Payless, Fashion Bug, Dress Barn, Famous Footwear, and Marshall’s (which is a wonderful place to shop for designer labels on a budget).

I’m not sure if it was curiosity or a morbid need to punish myself but I decided to check out the stores I always ignore (poly blend and elastic waistbands are simply not my thing).

I first went into Payless. The smell is so hard to get over and when did it get so expensive? If I want to pay $30 for a pair of shoes I’m going to go to Marshall’s and buy a designer label (Jessica Simpson, Guess, Steve Madden). I’m definitely not going to waste the money on shoes that are going to fall apart and frankly, smell bad. Although, I will admit the Christian Siriano Collection was cute and I might have purchased the black and red heels if the heel had been higher than 3″. And yes, I am a shoe snob.

After leaving Payless, my self-loathing was at an all-time high so what the hell… Fashion Bug here I come.

I was intrigued by the sign for the $7 scarf special. Is it possible to make scarves out of poly blend? Surprisingly the scarves were cute. I was particularly drawn to a pink ombre on with silver flecks but was quickly distracted from it. I was not; however, surprised by the clothes. In a word, ugly, unnatural fabrics adorned with too many rhinestones. I’m sure there were a few hidden gems but I was too frightened to find out. What did excite me were the accessories. All of their jewelry was BOGO… buy one, get one half off. The most expensive piece was $14 and it was all super cute. I nabbed these 2 pieces:


I fell in love with this oversized red/pink/orange rhinestone heart ring as well as the silver peacock necklace (I have the perfect pair of earrings to pair this with). It was hard to only choose 2 and I might have to go back for more.

My second surprise was the accessories clearance section. The most adorable clutches were an additional 50% off the already marked down clearance. I snagged these for $3.49 each:

My final Fashion Bug selection was a clearance pair of hot pink quilted ballet flats that are not only cute but comfy.

I spent about $30 at Fashion Bug and felt my mood improve as well as my attitude toward the store.

Next up… Dress Barn…

Now this whole time I was texting a very good friend who was telling me to run. I’m pretty sure she started crying when I mentioned a clothing store with the word “barn” in the name. But the damage was done so why not continue!

Dress Barn not only has cute dresses but they are made out of real fabric! They range in price from $40-$60 and did I mention are made out of REAL FABRIC! Of course there were meh pieces but with dresses like the ones pictured below, they can be forgiven.


 The colors were beautiful and kinda on trend. I might have to peek in here next time I need a dress for a wedding or other semi-formal affair. I hit the clearance section and found this adorable blouse:

I guess my overall point here is that I need to start thinking outside my usually shopping haunts such as Target. I might be missing out on some great pieces by being such a snob. And while I’m not a label whore, I have been persnickety about which stores I shop (I call it loyalty). Jackie commented on a post from Saturday that she never thinks of Meijer as a place for fashionable items. I need to be a bit more openminded too.

*Note* With that said, I won’t ever get over my aversion to Payless.


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