What I wore today… {One short outing}

Most of today was spent lounging around at home. That is not an outfit fit for the worldwide web but since Lil’ A had ballet class I dressed to be in public for all of 45 minutes. I’m struggling with my wardrobe right now and reconciling the unseasonably warm weather. So please excuse the eruption of clothing and shoes behind me in the photo. My frustration is resulting in a major closet catastrophe which only service to increase my pissiness.

Navy Tank
~ Meijer
(Do you know how hard it is to find just a simply navy tank?
Once I found it I couldn’t remember why I wanted it so desperately.)

White tank
~ Target

Jean skirt
~ Kohl’s by way of a clothing swap

Peacock necklace
~ Fashion Bug

Marcasite dangle earrings
~ Target

Brown strappy heeled sandals with buckle
~ Bebe via resale shop 

I need to pull everything out of my closet and reevaluate. I’m just not feeling it. I want to wear more sundresses and skirts but I’m just not loving what I have. Amy mentioned a clothing swap so maybe that will help me make sense of the mess.


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