A cut above

Tonight I finally allowed myself to try out the last in Essie’s Luxeffects collection, A Cut Above. So far, my feelings have been positive. These topcoats add a fun dimension to a manicure and help to give new life to older polish colors. I was excited to see the effect of A Cut Above because I adore Set in Stones so much and this is just a pink version.

I paired A Cut Above with Essie’s Raspberry and I have to admit, I don’t love it. Side by side, in the bottle, these two look so pretty together but as a combo it just doesn’t work for me. The Raspberry on it’s own is very pretty and might look great with Shine of the Times or even Pure Pearlfection as a topcoat. Next time I plan to use a much lighter base with A Cut Above, maybe Muchi Muchi, to allow the pink in the glitter to really shine through.

By no means am I unhappy, just not wowed based on my color choices. That’s the beauty of nail polish… try, try again!

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Coming soon… my first bottles of China Glaze!


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