What I wore today… {Repurposed skirt}

Yesterday I was lamenting the lack of sundresses in my closet and the lack of budget in my wallet. I have one super cute sundress I picked up last week at a thrift shop but it’s too short (I thought I would be able to get over this but alas at 35 it just doesn’t feel right to have my ass hanging out). I had all of this in mind when I popped into the Goodwill this morning.

Since it has been 80+ degrees in March, everyone is purging the Winter side of their closets. Lots of cute sweaters and blouses but nothing summery. So what’s a girl to do? Well, she gets out her sewing machine!

Using this tank dress as inspiration, I purchased 3 skirts (The tutorial has you make a skirt. I essentially skipped this step by using a skirt) and headed home to get to work! Because if it didn’t work out I would only be out $2.99 and about an hour’s worth of time.



Blue and white polka-dot skirt
~ Thrift store buy $2.99

White Tank
~ Pulled from a drawer – originally purchased at Walmart

I tried on both pieces to decide the length of the finished dress and where I wanted the waist to fall. While still wearing the tank I marked with a fabric pen where to I wanted the top of the waist to be. I wasn’t overly concerned with being precise because I plan on either belting the dress or creating a sash of some sort to cover the seam.

I trimmed the tank allowing plenty for the seam allowance – I even trimmed it again after the below photo was taken and evened up my line (eek!). Since the skirt is a size 16, I stretched the snot out of the tank to get it to line up the way I wanted. Pinning the pieces together took the most amount of time. I was very conscious of the existing seems of the tank and skirt lining up.


I used the waistband on the skirt as a guide and stitched from one side of the zipper to the other. Now for the moment of truth…


I will admit the dress looks a bit wonky on the hanger but I am thrilled with the fit! The seam at the waist could be better but for a first attempt, I am excited!

Wide black stretch belt
~ Target

Long necklace with black stone
~ Meijer

White leather sandals
~ Kino – handmade in Key West

I’m so excited that my foray into thrift store repurposing was a success! I have 2 more skirts (see the material below) and the confidence to tackle my closet with needle and thread!

Project Runway here I come!


7 thoughts on “What I wore today… {Repurposed skirt}

  1. Eeeek! I love it! Such a great idea – I actually was JUST reading that blog and all of her tutorials. It looks great on you too! Can’t wait to see the other ones… now it’s time to get you to some more thrift stores. The pickerington one is just too small! 😉

    p.s. I have several sun dresses in my basket for the swap that have your name written all over them. 🙂 I’m just bored with them or have boob issues!

    • Thanks! I’m having so much fun with this and feel like tackling some of the other crafty clothing ideas on my pinterest boards. We should have a thrift girl shopping day! Show me where all the best places to shop. Pickerington has been good to me and I’ve hit up Bearly Worn too (I think some of their stuff is too $$) but it’s time to venture out.

      I can’t wait for the clothing swap. Need to clean out my closet.

      Your boob issues are my gain!

      • Haha, they really are. But I’m glad someone can enjoy my clothes when I can’t – so I think it’s a win/win for us both!

        I’m impressed you’ve done so well at the Pickerington Goodwill… I never find anything there. There are some good ones around the Clintonville/Morse rd area. A girls thrift day is definitely in order!

  2. Once again I lament, why can’t you live closer?!?! Super cute idea and I’m so jealous. I can barely sew a button. Can’t wait to see the other dresses 🙂 You rock!

    • Awww… Thanks! I am an amateur at sewing (at best) but thought I’d give this a shot. I’ve only ever made quilts or appliqued shirts for lil’ A. It’s making me feel that the pattern I spied at Joann’s the other day might not be a bad investment!

    • I am fortunate to have my great-grandmother’s machine. It is in perfect condition. Maybe this is a sign I need to use it more.

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