Auntie Beth!

I’m a simply giddy with excitement that my baby brother is going to be a daddy! I am already the lucky auntie to 2 nieces and 2 nephews on my husband’s side but it is something pretty special when it’s your sibling. In less than a month we find out the baby’s gender which cannot come soon enough because I am itching to start making gifts for the little one.

In the meantime, I will continue to sort through all the stored baby items in the basement to help build a nursery and search the internet for ideas for cute baby clothing to make!

For a girl:

For a boy:

For either:

*Note* I need to go back and read my Baby Lust post from last month. Going through Lil’ A’s baby clothes made me nostalgic and that is NOT good!


One thought on “Auntie Beth!

  1. Whenever I get the baby lust, I visit my girlfriend and her 13 year old daughter. Lil girl is in the fast track to TROUBLE. It cures me real quick-like AND reminds me how lucky Inam that I was blessed with such a well behaved son.

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