Where is MY nude Jessica Simpson?

Friday I picked up the April Elle and didn’t really think about the cover until I got home. We have all been reading endlessly about Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy (which I swear has been the gestational length of an elephant) and you would have to have been under a fashion boulder to have NOT heard about the nude Elle cover.

So why does the cover of the magazine I picked up at my local CVS look like this…

Style Frizz says the nude cover is a special gift to loyal subscribers and not available in stores. But I call SHENANIGANS!

The web is a buzz with how stores are censoring the cover because of customer complaints – Safeway grocery stores in Arizona for example. So where is my nude Jessica Simpson? I’m feeling cheated!

Ok… not really but I do question how the cover was distributed. Arizona gets the cover but central Ohio, the testcenter capitol of the country, gets a blah red dress? I suppose I wouldn’t mind so much if what JS was wearing on the cover was a bit more fashion forward. Her pregnancy style has been bold and fun to watch and we are treated to the same tight, stretchy red dress that has been around for decades.

I’m going to read the April Elle, not because JSimp is on the cover, but because I enjoy the magazine. There are very few celebrities that inspire me to purchase anything (i.e. Ellen Degeneres for Cover Girl – I do not get this one AT ALL!). Point of fact, there are more celebrities that will turn me off of a product (any Kardashian) than inspire me to buy.

Which cover do you prefer?


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