Today is the year anniversary of the death of our beloved dog, Lily. She was the sweetest pup and we all miss her everyday. Lil’ A still talks about her. Lily was a 7 month old abandoned mixed breed my brother rescued while stationed in Virginia. Poor girl had been bounced around and mistreated that we just couldn’t say no to those big brown eyes.

K and I had only been married 2 months when we brought Lily home. It was a tough transition. We lived in a smallish 2nd floor apartment with my cat. She really needed room to run but we spent 2 years there before heading to a more secluded area with over an acre.

At about 4 years old, Lily developed epilepsy. She suffered from cluster seizures that become so awful she took daily medications. Through everything she remained sweet and loyal. If you were sick she would cuddle up next to you and lay still for hours. She played with the cats and when Lil’ A came into our lives she became her guardian.

Lily loved that little girl and let her do anything she wanted to her. She never barked or snapped at her. It was a seamless transition introducing baby to dog.

3 years ago, K brought home a tiny little fuzzy ball that adopted Lily as her mommy. Maisy was the cutest kitten and she immediately took to Lily’s sweet nature. She would cuddle with her, try to nurse from her, and play. I think Maisy took Lily’s death the hardest.

It was a Sunday night and K was out with coworkers when the first of the seizures began. Lily wouldn’t have just 1 or 2 seizures but 50 or more. They would start about 40 minutes apart and then the time between them would decrease by half until she wouldn’t come out of them. I called K to return home and together we administered valium that we kept on hand for these moments (they had gotten down to about once per year as long as she never missed a dosage of meds and we had her blood work done every 6 months). However, the valium didn’t work and we rushed her to ER.

She seized the entire 45 minute drive to the ER and once they stabilized her we learned her body temperature was almost 108 degrees. Lily’s body just gave out and we had to make the worst decision of our marriage – to say goodbye.

We miss her every single day and can’t bear to even think about getting another dog. Our almost 10 years with Lily were so wonderful and sweet and it’s been so hard without her. Every now and then I swear I hear her bark but I have to shake the sound out of my ears and remember she is gone.


One thought on “Lily

  1. This post made me so sad. Reminds me of my old kitty, Snickers, who died last summer. He was 17 (ish). It’s so hard letting pets go, they’re just like family. I’m sending hugs your way, lady!

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