Mom! I need pom poms!

After lunch today I dozed off. My body must still be worn out from sickness and drugs (medications… mama’s not a crackhead despite the fact that my brother occasionally calls me one). Bored, Lil’ A woke me up by stating, “Mom! I need pom poms! Do we have any?”

For those of you who know me in real life, you will get the fabulous humor in this question. In high school, I was in the band and on the debate team. So very far away from being a cheerleader. Of course Lil’ Miss A doesn’t know this. She thinks her mama is super cool and amazing and can do anything. I get a few more years until she realizes otherwise.

So while I was never a cheerleader and don’t have a secret pom pom stash, I am crafty and can make damn near anything out of felt. She choose pink and purple for her pom poms. I took on regular sheet of each and cut strips leaving about a 2 inch border at the bottom. Once the felt was cut, I rolled the piece like a newspaper and stitched the end to keep the roll together. Here is my end result:

Dressed in my baton twirling uniform (Canton South Y-ettes forever!), she headed out to the backyard for “cheerleading class.”

She came up with some crazy cheer that actually rhymed! First ballet, now cheerleading? Could this girlie girl be any more unlike me?

Oh and did I mention that while I napped she found my make-up case?

Why so serious?


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