What I wore today… {Modern mom look}

At places like the grocery store, preschool drop-off, and ballet class, I often stand back and silently (unless you are reading my twitter stream) judge the other mother’s and their wardrobe choices. It is my opinion that workout clothes are only acceptable when you are working out. Period. Otherwise, get your ass dressed. The life of a suburban stay at home mom is pretty predictable… right down to the wardrobe.

The other night while sitting impatiently for Lil’ A to finish ballet class, I may have looked like I was distracted by the earbuds in my ears and the copy of Vogue in my lap but I was scanning the room and wondering what happened to these women. They were all wearing the same thing: fitted Ohio State tee, jeans, and cheap Old Navy black flip flops.

I shit you not, dear reader, there were 3 women dressed this way, 1 who looked like she had tried but the the oversized khaki capri pants negated any other effort, and 1 who was dressed better than me (she was the one I would have made friends with if I was looking to be chummy with these women). Wow! I sound like a total snob. It’s not that I’m opposed to becoming friends with any of them, I just feel so on the outside. I don’t attend their churches or care about their gossip or joined their mommy social groups. They all know each other and I’m ok with that. But I digress…

Spring 2012 is all about pastels and feminine shapes. Pick up any fashion mag and you will hear all about the glorious reign of the woman! Women designers designing for real women. So thinking Spring and the traditional suburban mom uniform… I went for an updated version.

Pastel plaid sleeveless button down
~ Thrifted

Light blue layering tank
~ Old Navy – thrifted

Blue cardigan
~ Target

Dark skinnies
~ Kohl’s clearance $6

Brown belt
~ Target


Brushed gold earrings
~ Meijer
Birds on a limb necklace
~ Target
Gold and iridescent stone bracelet
~ vintage

Brown heeled boots
~ Target


6 thoughts on “What I wore today… {Modern mom look}

  1. I love the earrings . . . I wonder if my “polo shirt & jeans” is ever judged, though . . . because I never put any thought into what I wear when I head out as “daddy.” But, almost all of the time, it’s a short-sleeved collared shirt & jeans . . . or, if it’s not super-duper-cold, khaki shots. That’s it.

    • I don’t think Dad’s get judged as much. That’s the standard work uniform for my husband but when he goes out as daddy he looks like a total slob. We never match or even look like we should be together. I kinda hate it. Ok… not kinda… I absolutely hate it!

  2. Love your comment, “Get your ass dressed!” Whenever I return to my hometown in the good old US of A, (it’s a small town) I notice there is a kind of uniform thing going on…winter = ill fitting jeans, either a hoodie (if you are young) or some boxy sweater and usually some kind of hiking boots. And yes, this is on the women! In the summer they replace the jeans for…you got it…jean shorts! and the ill fitting t-shirt they were probably wearing under the sweater during the winter. Hiking boots become white tennis/running shoes. Really, where is there any style in these choices?! What is wrong with dressing like you are a woman and have some respect for yourself??

    Girlfriend, I think you hit a nerve!

    Thanks for the blog 🙂

    • I’m right there with ya, sister! I don’t understand the shapeless pieces of fabric that pass for clothing. It’s tragic. One only has to drive through the Walmart parking lot (gods forbid going in!) to witness the decline in fashion. We were born in the worn era!

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