What I wore today… {Sherbet}

I headed back to the doctor again today. Even though I felt awful, there is no reason to look awful (you all know how I feel about lazy women fashions). It was very springish today so I dug out some color!

Floral tank
~ Kohl’s

White short sleeve cardigan
~ Thrifted

Berry colored skinnies
~ Target

Rose colored belt
~ Target

Pearl necklace
~ Vintage

Cream colored flower earrings
~ Target

Coral peep toe heels
~ Elle for Kohl’s(last year but looking very similar in style to the Spring Pradas!)

 Oh and the diagnosis this time around? Fluid in the ears due to enflamed tubes leading to the sinuses. Keeping fingers crossed that the treatment works and I don’t have to visit the ENT we have on speed dial. 


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