You’re Scottish. Fry something.

In celebration of yesterday’s 2nd anniversary of The Eleventh Hour, we had a Doctor Who inspired picnic and watch party.

“New mouth, new rules.”

“Apples are rubbish!”

“Yogurt is my favorite.”

“Bacon. Are you trying to poison me?”

“Beans are evil. Bad, bad beans.”

“Bread and butter. Now you’re talking.”

“I know what I need. I need fish fingers and… custard.”

We set up our picnic on the floor and watched the episode, one Lil’ A had surprisingly not seen but that made it all the more fun as she was experiencing it for the first time with the actual food the Doctor was eating. To make this collection of food more a meal, we made BLTs which were actually quiet good considering I despise bacon. And I baked! I might be turning a corner on this whole baking thing! Our “fish fingers” were delish and went perfect with the french vanilla pudding we enjoyed.

Poor K was forced to suffer through our obsession with Doctor Who but seem not to be in too much pain. What a fun evening!

Have I mentioned she wants to be a Weeping Angel for Halloween? I love this kid! My little geekette in training!


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