Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! {Thrifting}

Usually I don’t have much luck in the shoe department at my local Goodwill but this week I hit the shoe jackpot!

Pink kitten heels

Hot pink kitten heels by Rampage

Red heels by Colin Stuart

Tan boots by BCBG

I only had one pair of pale pink mules really only suitable for weddings so I was so excited to find the 2 pink pair, especially the hot pink. Look at that color! Never can I walk away from a red pair of heels. I think I’m up to 10 pairs in various shades and styles. And those boots. Just wow. They are a bitch to get on and off (for some strange reason my feet have the worst time with boots) but once on they are just wow.

Next week I plan on visiting a different thrift store from my usual Goodwill haunt. I’m excited to see what else is out there!

One thought on “Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! {Thrifting}

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