What I wore today… {Suburban mom uniform}

It was a rainy, dreary Ohio day. Lil’ A had her first sleepover at a friend’s house so K and I went out to do grown up things last night. We had a great time and I drank too much and got too little sleep so today I went with the suburban mom uniform. I made minor adjustments to the overall look the moms around her rock on a daily basis but truthfully it’s just a variation on the same boring theme.

Ohio State tee ~ Champion from Dick’s Sporting Goods

White cardigan ~ Target

Dark skinnies ~ Rewind from Kohl’s


Bracelet and silver hoop earrings ~ Target

Glitter boat shoes ~ Unionbay (little girl’s section)

I threw my wet hair up in a stylish, yet messy bun with the bangs pinned back and no make-up. We picked Lil’ A up from her sleepover and hit a small, out of the way diner for greasy burgers and onion rings. The rest of today was a lazy day so comfort was king!

I just love these little boat shoes. Jackie has a pair that I just wanted and was so excited to find this pair. Plus it’s so great having smaller feet (standard size 7, size 4 in kids) and can shop for shoes in more than one department. Lately, all the cutest sandals seem to be in the kids section.


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