What I wore last night… {Rock ‘n Roll?}

Early yesterday afternoon I received a text from one of my oldest friends offering me a ticket to a rock concert. While I’m not a fan of the band Nickelback, I love my friend Trisha and knew it would be a good time regardless.

So what does one wear to a rock concert? One friend suggested jeans and a t-shirt. Another recommended a leather wristband. Love them both but so not helpful.

Navy one shoulder top with white polka-dots ~ The Limited

Dark skinnies ~ Target


Silver filigree chandelier earrings ~ Meijer

Navy & silver sequin clutch ~ Nordstrom

Purple suede heels ~ Target

I don’t know how rock ‘n roll this outfit is but I wanted to look hot. It was a FASHION FRENZY at the concert. So much to look at. So many head tilt moments.

We missed the first of 3 opening acts. Next up was the band Seether. I was surprised that I actually knew 2 songs. They sounded great and were crazy rock ‘n roll in blasting their record label and management throughout their set.

Next to take the stage was Bush. I was a fan of Bush (and especially the crazy hot Gavin Rossdale) in high school. They sounded amazing live and hearing them made the worth attending. Of course I knew all of the songs they performed and had a great time dancing and singing along. During a cover of the Beatles “Come Together,” Gavin went out into the audience and worked his way around the pathway of the lower bowl, which is where our seats were. I was less than 2 ft from that sexy, sweaty bod! Now I’m not one to be overly impressed by celebrities but that was freaking cool and gave us crazy old ladies a thrill!

Nickelback took the stage with an explosion. I knew the majority of their songs and while I don’t know if I was turned into a fan but the put on an amazingly good show completely with high energy, lights, and pyrotechnics.

It was such a great night and I am so thankful Trisha thought of me when this extra ticket became available!


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