There’s no place like home… {Pinteresting}

Navy blue dress by Oasis

Red heels with bow

Red glitter nail polish by OPI

Vintage picnic basket from Etsy

 This week’s pinteresting inspiration comes from my gorgeous nail polish color, Ruby pumps by China Glaze. I imagined an updated Dorothy and other inspirations from Oz.

*Please not that the shoes in this post come from the film version of the story and not the book version. In Baum’s novel, the shoes Dorothy acquires from the Wicked Witch of the East are silver not ruby. The change came during the making of the Judy Garland classic. Silver shoes simply didn’t show up in Technicolor. I typically take issue with major changes from book to film but in this case, the ruby red shoes are so iconic and simply wonderful that it makes one wonder why Baum didn’t think to make them red in the book. Besides, what woman doesn’t crave red heels? Red heels are my kryptonite (I believe I own at least 1o pair in various shades and styles – now there’s a blog post!).

Pop over to see what my lovely friend, JacMarie, finds inspiring thanks to her nail polish color (it’s a thing with us this week, respect the thing). And all our weekly pinteresting posts are linked here!


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