What I wore today… {Librarian chic}

I had an awesome interview for a head librarian position today. I’m very excited about this possibility. The position sounds fun and I love that I would have the opportunity to make it my own. It’s funny, the only thing I freak out about when it comes to the interview process is what to wear.

Red blouse ~ Jason Wu for Target (I almost always wear red for interviews)

White cardigan trimmed in black ~ thrifted

Black pencil skirt ~ Target

Black belt ~ off of my red Calvin Klein dress

Gold rhinestone filigree ring ~ Meijer

Pearl and gold necklace ~ Forever 21

Gold, diamond & pearl earrings ~ these were an engagement gift
from my parents that I wore on my wedding day, hoping they
brought me just as much luck today!


Black & gray heels ~ Meijer

This is the same blouse I wore for the last interview I went on. Red and black is my go to color combination. I feel confident and sexy in these colors. I have been working really hard over the last few months to mix up the color and I think I’ve done well but when it’s important I stick with what I know.

Keep your fingers crossed for good news soon!

6 thoughts on “What I wore today… {Librarian chic}

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I had no less than 5 outfits hanging around our bedroom and this was the winner. Hopefully I get this job so I can rock the other 4.

  1. Love it! Love it! The necklace with the button up shirt is fantastic. I might have all these things in my closet (well, maybe just a few), but I would NEVER have the thought or courage to put them together! U look fantastic! Love the earrings too! Hope you landed that job because you look like a million!

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