Act like a lady

I believe my obsession with Pinterest is beyond clear. It offers so many wonderful opportunities to share and collect ideas but there have been a handful of instances where I get enraged at the repins of certain offensive items. Here are my top three hated pins…

#3 Over the Rainbow hack

This graphic has the potential to be quite nice. The vivid colors to accompany the lyrics of a popular and beloved classic and the bold emphasis on the most inspiring phrase DARE TO DREAM. Nearly perfect enough to hang in a child’s room. But not quite.

Lyman Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published his tale in May of 1900 to overwhelming success – the first edition was sold out within 4 months of the book becoming available to the public. By the time the Judy Garland movie version hit the silver screen in 1939, Baum’s fantastical story of Dorothy Gale had sold over 1 million copies.

The song “Over the Rainbow” was written for the film by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. The graphic pictured above incorrectly attributes the lyrics to Baum making this image seriously flawed and infuriating. Do your homework people.

#2 Slut shaming

Yes, let’s perpetuate poor body imagine and eating disorders.

Are we all meant to be waif thin like Kate Moss? No. Are we all meant to be healthy based on our individual body type? Yes.

As women, we all struggle with maintaining a positive body image. It’s a challenge when images of size 0 models are held up as the ideal of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and this is the ideal that should be reinforced, not just with young girls but for us older ladies as well. Food is not the enemy. Food tastes good and that’s ok.

I get so frustrated at all the “slut shaming” images posted all over Pinterest for an unattainable ideal. I don’t want to look like Jillian Michaels. I love my curves and I love to eat but it’s about being responsible not being skinny.

#1 Act like a lady, think like a man

Where do I begin with this one? Let’s take each line individually, shall we?

Look like a girl… What? No no no. Just no. I am a woman. I want to look like a woman and never would I want a man to look at me in any way other than that. I hope what is meant is that I should emphasis my femininity in dress, style, and manner. That is a sentiment I can get behind.  Always classy and fabulous.

Act like a lady… This is the only line I take zero exception with. Always. Be an Audrey in a Kim Kardashian world.

Think like a man… Ok, here’s where I go off the rails. Why the hell would I want to think like a man? I bring a unique and interesting perspective to everything I do. Men and women think and approach life differently for a reason. Why would anyone bother hiring a woman in this case? I’m privy to the crazy shit going on in my husband’s head and I’m not at all interested.

This is just plain insulting. Woman are brilliant and have amazing ideas (as do men) but to assert that we should think like men to accomplish anything in this life is just ludicrous. We each bring valid ideas to the table and that’s what makes this world all the more special.

Work like a boss… I get this… work hard and give it your all but do it using your talents not some imperfect assertion someone thought sounded good on a poster.

Be you!


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