Time to let go


So the shit from the last year has finally caught up with me and it’s time to let go all of the hurts and disappointments. I’ve spent the last 4 months hiding – literally hiding in my bed. I’ve done the bare minimum for survival.

I have let my internal struggle effect those around me and I’m waking up to realize the hurt I’ve caused while I’ve been busy wallowing in mine. I’ve been terribly unfair to K and he’s put up with my bullshit in a way that is admirable when he should have slapped me.

So now it’s time to get it together and stop letting my emotions dictate my behavior. I’m pulling on my metaphorical big girl panties and taking back control of me life.

Thank you to my friends and family who have so supportive of me the last few months. I love you all.

*The above photo was taken from an article on the March Elle

3 thoughts on “Time to let go

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