Quilt love {Pinteresting}

It’s cold again and all I can think of is cuddling up under a cozy blankie. Plus! I have quilt ideas on the brain and have been in search of additional inspiration.

My newest brain child is a U.S. state quilt that is going to require a lot of work but if the image I have in my head can be brought to life it should be AMAZING! The only image I have found remotely close to my idea is a vintage photo from the 1940s. Here is some inspiration that has the hamster wheel spinnin’!

State quilt created by Mrs. Stagg circa 1940
Americana quilts
American Flag inspired quilts
Quilted stars on a blue background
Mississippi state quilt 

Also occupying my mind are ideas for baby quilts. We learned last week that I’m getting a new nephew in a few months. I am so excited it’s almost annoying! Do I go the traditional baby quilt route or something a bit more fun and quite honestly, completely geek?

Colorful number quilt
Baby clothes quilt
The Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt
Photo block quilt
eat. play. sleep. repeat. (adorable baby not included!)

C-3PO & R2-D2 quilt
Jawa quilt – I’m so in love with this one! “Utini!”
Lego Star Wars character quilt
Colorful robots because robots are awesome

Where do I start?!? The baby stuff will most likely be at the top of my agenda (I also have some plans for some cute onesies). I’m thinking of dedicating one day a week to craftiness, maybe Thursdays (this is all part of my being more responsible adult).

Head on over to JacMarie’s blog for her love of coral this week. She has gathered a gorgeous collection of images! And you can find an index to all our Pinteresting love here!

What do you find Pinteresting this week?


9 thoughts on “Quilt love {Pinteresting}

  1. This makes me seriously want to revisit my quilting idea. I want to make a really bright, eclectic one for my bed. With shams to match… Oh me and my over zealous plans. haha.

  2. I didn’t know you quilt! I LOVE the Jawa quilt, but you probably expected I would. All of your inspiration is wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you end up making.

    Have you ever made a rag quilt? They used to be my go-to baby gift to make. I always loved the fun flannels used in them and the fact that they get softer and better with ever washing.

    • When I was in college I lived around the corner from my aunt who taught me to quilt. Every Monday was quilting night. We would take turns making soup, listen to music and quilt. So much fun.

      I haven’t made a rag quilt before but sounds interesting.

      I’m thinking of doing a block quilt with several characters including the Jawa – all kinda of cartoonish. I’m so excited!

      • That’s really cool. My neighbor taught me how to make the rag quilts and I fell in love with them. I’ve only made one “traditional” quilt as a Christmas present for M’s aunt. I found this great Elvis fabric and thought she’d love it since she is a huge fan of his.

        I look forward to seeing what you end up making.

      • My first quilt we called “the drunk quilt.” It was made out of all the ugly scraps my aunt had and the joke was that it wouldn’t matter if you got drunk and puked all over it. I love that quilt. It needs some patch work done to it but still has held up very well.

      • That’s awesome! I still have two rag quilts I made for the kids. Everything else I ever made has been as a gift 😦

        You should blog all about the quilt you end up making…it’ll be cool to see it come together.

      • I have made quilts for so many people but not one for Lil’ A. I should really fix that.

        I will definitely chronicle my progress here. I’m hoping to get started soon.

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