#FF Love for my librarians

Becoming friends with women has traditionally been difficult for me. The last few years I have realized more and more the importance of have strong women in my life. I simply adore the friends I have surrounding me – Cassie, Amy, Jac, Nikki – love you all so much!

Recently I have been so fortunate to build strong bonds with 5 amazing women. We share so much in common that I wonder if we just aren’t clones of each other – from our chosen profession to our taste in clothes and shoes – this group of women have made me feel supported in a time of chaos. We can vent and laugh and commiserate together. We have found the positive when being attacked and turned it into friendships that I know will last. Our email threads are crazy and fun and I just can’t wait for our librarian girls weekend!

In no particular order…

Renegade Librarian – Ren is far from boring even if she thinks otherwise. Sweet and snarky and super funny!

Kate Librarian – Don’t piss her off near the lions den. She will push your ass in! Kate has a wicked way with words and can slay you with a simple story about going to the zoo with a group of Kindergarteners. Plus I love her style.

Liz Schoettle – The only one of us brave enough to use her real name! Liz has a heart of gold and I believe balances our group of ranters (not that she can’t throwdown with the best of us because I wouldn’t piss her off!). And seriously… she has the best hat on twitter.

Inked Incognito – When I grow up I want Inked’s handbag collection. This chick has style pouring out of her ears. Don’t believe me? Librarian Wardrobe agrees!

Fucky – Where do I even start with my Fucky Bear? The one who just gets me. The weather girl hair, the shoes, the snark. It doesn’t get much better than Fucky.

Follow my schmoopies at your own risk! And know that all follow requests are throughly put through a vetting process.

Happy Friday all!

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