Party planning {Snacks}

Earlier this week I decided we would host a family game night and invite several families that we are friendly. The idea is for the kids to play games in the living room and the adults occupy the kitchen for gaming. I’m a crazy fan of board games and wish we had the opportunity to play more often. If tonight goes well, I would love to see this become a monthly thing.

My original thought was that everyone would bring a game and a snack to share. My friends hijacked my party and have invited themselves for a cook out. I love this and everyone is supplying something to make dinner possible. I’m thinking my contribution will be potato salad and a veggie tray but I still want to make sure we have snacks. Playing Apples to Apples with these boys really is an event and sustenance will be necessary!

Here are a few ideas floating around in my head…


I’m leaning toward the taco cupcakes because, well, just because YUM! Honestly, I don’t think I could go wrong with any of these choices but I’m looking for something that is quick and easy to make since there will be a massive cleaning effort to prepare for guests. I’ve tried really hard to temper my crazy-inner Martha Stewart while entertaining. It’s hard but the purpose isn’t a perfectly presented table but the quality time with friends. I’m learning. So quick and easy food is me letting go.

I’m super excited for games and fun. More to come!


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